Infinite Rebirth

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Infinite Rebirth

Infinite Rebirth

Author: shallow leisurely cool

Category: Science Fiction Future

Status: serializing

Words: 5.3 million

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brief introduction:

If you don't agree, you will commit suicide. There is no task that can't be solved by one death. If you die once, then you will die twice!

Infinite horror-Resident Evil, died 155 times.

The new predator died 31 times.

Killed the prototype and died fifteen times.

World of Warcraft, death? ? ? Times.

Game of Thrones, death? ? ? Times.

Monster abuse, death? ? ? Times.


How close to a demon? No, no, I just read too many files.

Fuck, I have died so many times, why can't I find the hidden mission!

The fantasy adventure of a youth with the ability to replay death in an infinite world is also known as Ye Siyu's 10 million ways of death.

Possible missions World: Naruto, Marvel Zombie World, Marvel Movie World, Bump Man, World of Warcraft...

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