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Outside the city of Xiangyang, Guo Xiang was tied to a high platform, and the fire was about to erupt. Zhang Sanfeng transformed into a celestial being, his white hair turned into a blue silk, one step was wasted, his punches broke the void, thirteen punches in a row, he forcibly beat the King of the Golden Wheel before the Wanjun!

On the Bailing Mountain, Liu Dao Mingzhu embraces the bellflower and drives the 100-meter-high Suzuonenghu, with a long knife in his hand pointing away, and indifferent: "Next, I will not specifically target you, but if you fail to block the aftermath , Then die."

Malin Vando, on the top of the war, confrontation between the Warring States and White Beard, Shanks' attitude is unknown, Kaido, BIG MOM are eyeing, the admiral Luffy, standing behind seven admirals, one raises Behind him the cloak of justice: "I will temporarily take over the supreme command of the navy in this realm in the name of a foreign admiral!"

Two real worlds, led by the imperial air transport, supported by the Three Mountains, Five Sacred Mountains and Kunlun, are of the same origin and converge. The world merges steadily and peacefully.


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