Invade another dimension

Invade another dimension

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Pan-dimensional alliance, a community with a shared future. (Including but not limited to responding to world wars, nuclear wars, doomsday crises, alien invasions, mutation disasters, alien attacks, and the most devastating internal conflicts.)

When the coin was thrown into the air, the gears of fate had begun to turn , Everything can't be stopped.

In the future, there will only be thorny roads accompanied by life and death.

No matter how much blood and life you give, you will only pursue a better future.

PS1: Inspired by the Fantasy Self-Defense Force and a novel of the same type at a certain point.

PS2: The current world is "Blood Devouring Rage"

PS3: I have experienced the world "Cut Sister", "Anti-Inverse ルルーシュ", "Muv-Luv", "Magic College Inferior", "GATE & Goblins &? ? ? "(Black Beast Legion guest appearance), "IS"

PS4: This book is purely fictitious, do not connect with reality.
Invade another dimension


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