Konoha's Infinite Clone

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"Speaking of which you may not believe, the apostle over there who wants to unite everything and implement the human complement plan, the Big Devil who wants to rule the world, the Aizen who wants to become a transcendant and arrives in the realm of gods, and is known as the hundreds The White King who ruled the Ninja Era thousands of years ago, and the Gaetia who wanted to travel through time and space to reach the beginning of the birth of the planet and burned humans...They are all my clones." "Oh, of course, against them. Qiwuhai, the Avengers are the same." "Uh, you mean the hungry wolf? He is too, but I haven't figured out whether it is better to let him hunt Akatsuki well or to hunt Wunin Village." In short, this It's a story that keeps wearing vests in the Shinobi world


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