Late. Tamer's day.

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The first domestic VRMMORPG, Law of Justice Online. Yuta Sasaki had miraculously won the first shipment out of a multiplier of over 400x. VRMMORPG I even dreamed of. You're gonna have to decide on a starting dash for this already! Youta, who has attracted a memorial Tamer - Yout descends into the land of LJO with a willingness... What do you mean, none of my monsters, no fighting power? A farmer? No, it's a gnome. But I'm definitely a farmer. Which one of us is tomorrow for the first step of the uto?

* The author is a novice to MMO. From the MMO abolitionists, they say, "It's not this MMO! There seems to be a lot of scenes." So the keyword was VRMMO-style. Booked.


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