Master of the brave.

Master of the brave.

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ピチ&メル/三丘 洋
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Poor boy Wynn Bird who loses his parents but admires knights and trains himself. But he had less magic by the time he was hopeless to become a knight, and he was amazing at the days when he could not break the knight exam and would be ridiculed until his juniors, who were affixed with the dishonorable lettel 'Ten Thousand Years of Cadets' and chased him through. One day, a brave man defeated the demon king and saved the world. The attention of the whole world will be drawn to the trend of the brave who were beautiful and visible girls. And the brave man sent out for the world. "I will return to my master, Win Bird," he said.

 This story is the story of a boy who somehow changed his class from a falling "Ten Thousand Years Cadet" to "Master of the Brave". There are illustrations on the occasion of the ★ mark. It was booked by Mr. Enterbrain on May 31, 2014, but there is no such thing as deletion and replacement with digest. Thank you for continuing with the book and web versions.
Master of the brave.


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