Me, sword fairy!

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Many years later, the alien evil demon who was lucky enough to survive the battlefield of Zuguang warned his descendants.

"If you have a dragon-robed man who claims to be No. 1 in the world, don’t hesitate to rush up to fuck him. As everyone knows, No. 1 in the world can’t be beaten.”

“If there is a purple-haired squinted eye opposite you, Try to drag him as much as possible, and try not to let him fall into a disadvantage, yes, I am not wrong — if this squinted eyes fall into a disadvantage, and suddenly put on a line of "I understand, I understand very well." 'Expression, then you are gone."

"If there is a short-haired Faxiu who is on the battlefield with a maid on the battlefield across from you... or body, it is the uglier one anyway, remember, hit him, it’s okay, don’t Touch his maid, otherwise you are gone."

"If you meet Su Wangyou... forget it, no if, you are gone."


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