Naruto: Super Power

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Naruto (end) → Bleach (end) → Fate Grail (end) → Gosick -(Gothic Loli Detective Book) → Fate Grail (end) → Inuyasha (end) → Campione! (end) → Academy City ( (End) → Sword Art Online (End) → Akama Ga Kill (Continued) The protagonist travels to the world of Naruto, obtains the lol system and the inheritance of heroes, and gets rid of the destiny of becoming a dragon. ...Whether it breaks out in a war or perishes under the enemy's butcher's sword...The rising Ji Tengchuan has a blood-drinking sword in his left hand and a magic sword in his right hand. Want to know why and how am I? Because I have a system! (Note: The pig's feet in this article can have the ability of the second element!) (Fei Lu solemnly reminds: This story is purely fictitious. Any similarity is purely coincidental and should not be imitated.)


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