Naruto Thief System

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[A-level contracted works of Naruto's Thief System] Travel through the world of Naruto, obtain the Thief System, and steal the heavens and worlds! [Dip, congratulations to the host for stealing a pair of Hancock's original underwear. 】Damn, system, you will have no friends if you continue like this. [Dip, congratulations to the host for stealing a water unicorn in Zhuxian World. 】Interesting, another day to abuse Jilaiya's toad. [Di, congratulations to the host for stealing the million-year life span of Emperor Changsheng. 】rub! I haven't taken the elixir that I stole last time. [Dip, congratulations to the host for stealing a god Nuwa. 】Nuwa boy, do you want to create a human with my little sister? "Peat, is this a stealing system or a stealing system?" Moonlight Qianye circled her head speechlessly, and looked back at the Ruthless Emperor, Nine Heavens Profound Girl, Chang'e, Bai Qian, Feng Jiu, and Bi. Yao, Lu Xueqi, Zhao Linger, Nie Xiaoqian, Queen Medusa, Angel Yan, Esthers, Princess of Military Uniform, Dinesha and many others. (This story and characters are purely fictitious. Any similarities are purely coincidental and do not imitate them.) (Bookstore (05.) has opened cache, you can log in to the collection to the shelf to check the latest, or refresh and wait for a while, thank you for choosing the bookstore Read the Naruto Thief System!)


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