Pet boy under the snow

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Question: How to use space movement?

Just send it directly?

Wrong, do you think superpowers can do whatever they want?

Even spatial movement requires the application of mathematical knowledge. How can you move without calculating the corresponding coordinate position? What if you move into the deep sea? What if it teleports to the women's toilet? What if you teleport to high altitude?

Only by understanding the conversion relationship between altitude and atmospheric density and temperature, and proficiency in physics and mathematics knowledge can it be safely transmitted.

These days, it is not easy even for superpowers.

[The book is also known as "The Second Miss Is Very Hot Today", "The Big Boy in Yukoshita's Family", "The Super Boyfriend under Yukoshita", "It's impossible for a young girl to live with the super power Zhengtai" "Let the lazy dog ‚Äč‚Äčauthor himself

Think about it before making a decision"] (Look at my wit, so every book title has it) The

male protagonist is naturally dull, everyday, and also involves spirituality.

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