Pirate with a sledgehammer

Pirate with a sledgehammer

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In the dark night, he has doubled the combat power, his strong body supports him to wield a heavy and fierce warhammer, and the power of the superhuman system makes him rampant.

Marshal of the Warring States Period: "Never fight him in the dark, otherwise he can fight ten!"

White Beard: "That bastard wants to challenge my shocking fruit, and also wants to be the strongest in the world!"

Roger: " If I can have his physical fitness, I can do this One Piece for another twenty years!"

Golden Lion: "That bastard kid is expecting me to die all day, so that he can take Lao Tzu's plate!"

"There is no One Piece in this world ." After speaking, Orgrim turned and boarded Lovedrew, where he planted his Pirate Banner.

"Boss Skee, when will you retire and pass it to me? It's time to give the world to our young people!?" ---Kazgros Orgrim

Xie invited, the man in the pirate, just got off the port , There are too many bigwigs in the circle, benefits..
Pirate with a sledgehammer


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