Sha Yin Ren Village Development

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a year of salted fish
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a year of salted fish ongoing


Luo Sha, wearing a wind shadow hat, looked at the villagers with a happy smile below, sighed gently, with emotion on his face, and told them something. When I first took over the Shayinren Village, the village had not yet developed. There was a serious lack of combat effectiveness, a lack of money-making concepts, and most importantly, there was no economic source at all. There are sandstorms everywhere, and there is no spacious road. The hundreds of families in the village only use a small lake that can’t even catch a fish. Just like that, a bucket of water is needed for more than ten ninjas for more than ten days. Bathing won’t work. I went to the consultant in the village to ask for money... to build a Shinobu Village, guess what? More than a dozen consultants slapped the table fiercely at me and said, if I want money, I will die! You Luo Sha, take a look at how much the heads of all our consultants are worth. If you look at the construction of the village, our consultant will never say a word! If you Luosha have the ability to do this wind shadow, you have the ability to make money for me, otherwise... go home and make a good child and add a few more people to the village. Come on, this is what I'm waiting for. In less than five years, Sharen Village has everything, people, roads, greening, and the North-South Water Diversion Project has been completed. Every household has at least ten pigs. There is meat for meals, enough meat, stronger body, better ninja quality, and better guys in his hands. If there is no such family background, would I dare to take the Five Ninja Village to fight against Datongmu? Go dreaming!


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