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Cauliflower Mingze traveled to Konoha and found that he couldn't use Chakra, but his mind could see through the falsehood and see the essence of things. As a result, he began to write books, brew wine, and treat diseases, and Konoha also had a major influence because of him. Kai: "Xiao Li opened five doors ahead of time, who else!" Itachi: "Why are you so strong, Sasuke?" Sasuke: "Because I've been to that broken house." Three generations: "Naruto can control Kyuubi Chakra, this is something I didn’t expect, it must be that person’s hands and feet.” Oshemaru: “I’ve heard Mr.’s name early, and help me heal my hands today.” Payne: “As long as that person is still there, we Fighting outside Konoha, you will never step into Konoha." Tsutomu: "If you have the conditions, please mention it, don't break my plan." Kakashi: "Please sir help me to treat me. Eyes, chakras are too old recently." Nazawa: "Kakashi, you line up first, there are many people in front of you."


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