Snakes in Hogwarts

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As far as I can remember, Andros Lobach has been living an ordinary life in the Fong’s Orphanage in London. One afternoon, when he was picking up waste on the edge of the city, he unexpectedly found a piece I didn’t know where it came from. The fleeing python, and then, a magical thing happened, Andros was surprised to find out.

I can actually understand the words of a python!

This is the history of the growth of a Slytherin snake. In the magical castle of Hogwarts, he walked on the boundary between the two groups of wizards as a snake in the magical castle of Hogwarts, seeking the greatest benefit for himself.

Become close friends with Draco?

Become a mortal enemy with Ron?

Hehe with Hermione, you know.

This is a relaxed and funny HP fan. While laughing and cursing, our protagonist will find that the world is actually not as simple as he originally imagined.

How does Horcrux make people immortal?

What kind of curse will the Philosopher’s Stone make the user immortal and at the same time it will produce what kind of curse? While the

basilisk is running around the castle, is it also guarding any ancient secrets?

What exactly is a dementor?

Do the mermaids who live underwater in the Black Lake also know some secrets?

This world is very big, the big one can give birth to countless distant plots, big enough to exceed Rowling's description, big enough to hide countless ancient secrets that have been born since ancient times.

And our protagonist will gradually become stronger, and bit by bit, pull away the fog in front of him, and see what the world really looks like.


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