Tanaka family, reincarnated.

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There are no mountains in particular, no valleys, no marriages, no police shacks, just Tanaka families who have lived carefully according to the rules of society. Tanaka family who have

loved their cats so much and loved them again and lived mediocrely.

Something's sweet about the last stuffing, the unfortunate Tanaka family. A sudden earthquake struck the Tanaka family

like that. I thought

Aya was wiped out, and the whole family was reincarnated into another world. Is

this in the maiden game?

Where is it? Is it

a villain's warrant? Is it a

target of attack?

Nobody knows. I don't know.

That demon is strong enough to reveal itself.

Yet you can't use magic, you don't have skills. The line of

favor is cats and spiders? Sewing and looking after bugs when I say

I can. Talk about the Tanaka family who want to live in

such a different world, and who are unable to live in peace and with caution again. Bookmaking decision from

KADOKAWA Master Dragon Novels!

Launch is scheduled for 6/5.


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