The Lord of Douluo

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Reluctantly to cross the Douluo World, Chen Yang made three wishes to a certain Da Neng.

1. With the most beautiful appearance of the heavens and the world, the appearance is justice!

2. Possess the talent that can reach level ninety-nine through casual practice!

3. The inheritance props with dozens of gods (such as the trident of the sea god, the sword of the god Shura)

can easily help Chen Yang to realize his wishes, and Chen Yang has also obtained the dragon god and time space The God of God’s dual position assessment (plus a lot of other non-existent positions)

started to cross to the Star Dou Great Forest, and Gu Yuena thought it was the reincarnation of the Dragon God by Gu Yuena...

Go to the Holy Soul The village looked for Brother Tao, but he did not expect that Brother Tao would actually recognize Chen Yang's martial arts.......

joined the martial arts hall, and actually became the saint son of the martial arts hall...

Chen Yang was aware of this. Now, the real traverser is far more outrageous than the novel.


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