The Unhappy Clingy Man

The Unhappy Clingy Man

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In this life, the biggest ‘unresolved case’ that Gong Wuhuan handled involved Gong Changxiao.

She was certain she had killed him but why is this man still alive?

When the man stared at her with that greedy look, he was like a cat staring at a fish.

And what made it most unbearable was that he kept calling her…….wife.

“Wife, you can’t kill your husband, do you understand? Otherwise, who will help to warm your bed and watch over you at night?”

Suddenly, she thrust out the sword…… didn’t kill him.

“Wife, don’t fight anymore because Husband is afraid that my martial arts is too powerful and may hurt you by mistake. My heart will hurt.”

She shot out a concealed weapon… missed.

“Wife, you must not castrate your husband’s second brother. Without him, you won’t have happiness.

Pa! She slapped his face fiercely, hitting right on target. She was stunned.

She saw him stroking his face with enjoyment. “As Husband expected, Wife’s hands are so soft.”

Instantly, Gong Wuhuan’s heart sank to the bottom and she had a hunch.

It’s afraid this man will be haunting her like a lingering ghostly soul that refuses to scatter until her death!
The Unhappy Clingy Man


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