This king is ridiculous

This king is ridiculous

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Minister" what? Guo Haiyang has gone and done something ridiculous again? Your Majesty, look what an unworthy son this is!

He's so ridiculous! Where are the rules of etiquette? Where is the court's authority?" The nobleman "as a member of the royal family, he is in business? That's ridiculous!

"Mighty, majestic, brutal, unforgiving Hu." Wow! That absurd prince is coming here to do absurd things to us and harm us! Let's run away!"

The people "Great! The absurd prince has come to do absurd things, we are saved!

"The emperor" does he have eyes for me? How absurd!

I have to get rid of this Hanzhong King line, but why can't I get rid of it?" Guo Haiyang, the king is absurd but absurd enough to turn the tide, in order to establish an unparalleled feat ......
This king is ridiculous


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