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Wood drops of conscience
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Wood drops of conscience ongoing


"Dip! Deduct the Nine Suns and obtain the Nine Suns."

"Dip! Complete the evil sword spectrum and get the complete Sunflower Book."

"Dip! Fusion of the Five Swords, Dugu Nine Swords, Tai Chi Swords... One, one sword breaks ten thousand magic..."

"Drop! Your sunflower treasure can be completed, trigger the bloodline editing system, you can modify the bloodline physique to: Celestial body, Nine-turn Yin-yang body, Hunyuan Wuji body, choose one of three, choose carefully. "

Ji Wushang: "I want the congenital body of the Taoist fetus."

"Dip!...Get out!" (Don't be green lotus!)...the

world of interest: Xiaoao, Pee Dai, Tianlong, Qin Shi, Datang, Fengyun, White Snake , Baolian Lantern, Zhuxian, Ancient Sword, Martial Arts, Yangshen, Shade, Domination, Perfect World (may be adjusted due to the situation, if you find it suitable, you can also recommend it.)


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