Daqin Engineers

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Shen Bing, a mechanical design major, traveled to the Qin Dynasty.

He just wants to survive simply. Who ever thought that this is a life or death world, and if you don't think about making progress, you will be eliminated.

Shen Bing, who has no power to bind a chicken, can only use inventions to arm himself,

improve the trebuchet, the enemy can't even touch the root hair at the double range, and the opposite side will be knocked over when lying down; the

ladder is designed, and dozens of people crowded up. , Overcame the wall to seize the flag and open the city gate, and then conquered another city;

then the moat, the urn city, etc., are even a piece of cake!


destroy the six nations and establish the Huns!

Ping the Western Regions and conquering Rome!

Zeguo Jiangshan entered the war map, and he will be successful!


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