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Suddenly entered a historical chat group with many big names.

(Overhead text, do not enter the party according to the test, and you are not responsible for poisoning death)

Ying Zheng: Chongzhen, please send me some corn and sweet potato seeds!

Liu Bang: Ying Zheng, if you dare to move Liu Bang No. 2, I will destroy you for the second time!

Kangxi: Yuan Shikai, my Qing Dynasty is dead?

Xiang Yu: Liu Bang, you villain, I won't mutilate myself in Wujiang again.

Cao Cao: Big Ear Thief, you actually established the Kingdom of Shu, I want to destroy you here first!

Li Bai: So I will go down in history in the future, no loss, no loss.

Genghis Khan: Our goal is to conquer the whole earth, and the fruit of longevity is ours.

——Diao Chan, Da Qiao, Xiao Qiao, Da Ji, Cai Yan... are wearing bikinis on Hainan beach vacation.

——Mo Zi has just obtained a doctorate in architecture and is preparing to build a high-rise building in the spring and autumn!

——Hua Tuo is learning the art of western medicine, and the surgery is getting more and more powerful. He cooperates with Chinese medicine and deserves the name of a magical doctor.

——As the protagonist, Wang Yu is also the leader of the historical chat group. He is teaching literacy in primitive society, and occasionally goes to various historical worlds to engage in things...


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